Personalized Learning Environment
“I was able to learn one-on-one
with my rebbe... We developed
such a close relationship that
I asked him to be my mesader
Kiddushin at my wedding
four years later.”


With a population of approximately fifty students and eighteen rebbeim, Yesodei HaTorah is an energetic yeshiva community where you will receive unmatched personal attention.

Our close-knit group consists of students from across the United States, Canada and England, with whom you are sure to develop lifelong friendships.

Our rebbeim are available to the talmidim day and night. You can learn one-on-one with a rebbe of your choice — the warm Yesodei environment ensures that our teachers get to know each student. Students spend shabbatot at the homes of their rebbeim, interacting with their families, and fostering close relationships that last long after the year has finished.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationship with our alumni. Once a talmid joins the Yesodei HaTorah family, he is a member for life. We preserve relationships with our alumni by way of informal get-togethers, shabbatonim, winter break visits, and erev Shabbat phone calls.

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