Student Resources
“My rebbeim encouraged
me to think deeply about
what I learn, to ask diffcult
questions, and to discover
what Judaism means to me.”


Welcome Students 5775 (2014-2015)

We are sure you are as excited as we are about the wonderful year we'll be spending together next year.

Here you will find some important information to help you prepare for next year. Please read through everything carefully. Many of the documents request a response from you; it is therefore crucial you read through everything.

If you wish to receive any or all of these documents in hard copy or as an email attachment, please let us know by emailing

Coming soon! Please continue to watch this space for more information about next year's calendar, cellphone rental and booklist. Welcome aboard!

Important Information and Documents

Items marked with an (*) require you to return the completed document back to our office via fax at +972-2-992-3055 or via scan/email to

Items marked with a (+) require you to sign on with a third party company. Please be sure to take care of these in a timely fashion.

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