Developing an Independent Outlook
“My rebbeim encouraged
me to think deeply about
what I learn, to ask diffcult
questions, and to discover
what Judaism means to me.”


We enable you to develop an independent Torah outlook while deepening your commitment to Judaism in our centrist orthodox, religious Zionist environment. We help you draw from the breadth of Torah literature and the depth of Jewish history and experience in order to create a Torah hashkafa which is uniquely your own.

We emphasize internal, meaningful religious development. By offering you access to a range of Torah perspectives — and giving you the ability to study divergent opinions on your own — we help you develop a personalized relationship with G-d, Torah, and the Jewish people which is both authentic, and authentically yours. You will encounter the intellectual and spiritual beauty of Judaism both inside and outside the classroom and you will also explore the grandeur of Eretz Yisrael through our many tiyulim and special programs.

Shabbatot and chagim in yeshiva are celebrated with inspirational davening, shabbatonim and tisches. And no week would be complete without our traditional Thursday night cholent.

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